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Important Note:

You will not see your name on the Points List if you have not participated in an event since the fall of 2018. You will see your name on the list once you participate in a PES event.

What's the point?

Points allow Phi Eta Sigma members to apply for honors cords for graduation. In order to apply for these, you will need 50 points before graduation. At least 20 of these points must be active.


How are points earned?

Points in Phi Eta Sigma are earned by participating in various PES events. (Examples of events are listed at the bottom of this page.) 


What type of points are there?

There are two types of points that can be earned: Active and Non-active

Active Points: Active volunteering in Philanthropy, and/or service.

Non-active: Study halls, drives, and other events that do not involve active service.


Why don't I see my points in the system?

It takes time for our systems to update. Please keep in mind that it may take up to one week after the event for your points to show up in the excel document.


I participated in points last year, but I don't see them?

You will not see your name on the Points List until you participated in any PES sponsored event since the fall of 2018. (This is purely an organizational system. We still have all records of previous years. Please reach out with any questions.)


Do I need to earn a certain number of points in a semester?

No. You can choose to gain all 50 points (of which 20 are required to be active) in one semester, over 4 semesters, or whatever is easiest. For instance, if you are studying abroad, you do not need to worry about points.


What is the general breakdown of points?

About Points

The point values for events will always be stated in the newsletter

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