UIUC Alpha Chapter Scholarships

The UIUC PES chapter offers scholarships for active members. Application information will be sent through the newsletter. Applications are evaluated based on completion and involvement in the PES UIUC Chapter. Out of the applications received, 3 of those will be selected to be sent to the National’s undergraduate scholarship for a chance to be granted an additional scholarship. In order to apply please visit the PES Nationals website.

$10,000 James E. Foy-John W. Sagabiel Undergraduate Leader Award

This new award was created to honor the legacy of two of Phi Eta Sigma's most dedicated and revered leaders, Dean James Foy and Dr. Jack Sagabiel. This scholarship award will be given to an undergraduate student member for the first time in 2020, and in addition to the Thomas Arkle Clark Graduate Leader Award will be the highest scholarships awarded by the Society annually.

$10,000 Thomas Arkle Clark Scholar-Leader of the Year Award

The Thomas Arkle Clark Scholar-Leader of the Year Endowed Scholarship, named in honor of the founder and first Grand President of Phi Eta Sigma. This scholarship is presented each year to the member who best exemplifies the ideals of Phi Eta Sigma.

$7,000 Graduate Scholarships

Each year, six Distinguished Member Scholarships of $7,000 each are granted for the first year of full-time graduate or professional study. Any Phi Eta Sigma member preparing to enter full-time graduate study during the upcoming academic year may apply for a graduate scholarship.

Candidates applying for graduate scholarships will also be considered for the $10,000 Thomas Arkle Clark Scholar-Leader of the Year Award.

$5,000 Undergraduate Scholarships

There are 37 Undergraduate Scholarships granted to outstanding members for full-time undergraduate study.

$1,000 Undergraduate Awards

More than 50 $1,000 scholarships are granted to Phi Eta Sigma members every year.

How do I apply?

Phi Eta Sigma members can apply during the spring semester though the national website by May 1. Both our chapter scholarship and national scholarship use the same application. The application form is the same for all Phi Eta Sigma scholarships and awards. The application asks for: - General background information (name, address, school, etc.) - Major and minor fields of study - Current GPA The student is also asked to respond in essay form to six additional items, including: - Involvement in Phi Eta Sigma - Participation in other service and leadership organizations and projects - Creative ability - Plans for continued academic studies

Scholarship Criteria

Statute VII of the Constitution and Laws of Phi Eta Sigma provides that all of the income from the Founders Scholarship Fund shall be used “to grant annually to members of Phi Eta Sigma one or more scholarships designated for students pursuing graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, or undergraduate research.” The committee used the following criteria in selecting recipients: 1. High scholastic record with recommended minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA. 2. Participation in local chapter activities. 3. Evidence of creative ability. 4. Potential for success in chosen field. (Updated April 2020)

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